In trouble again FF Part 1

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"Hey, Castles!" Ryan shouted at Kate Beckett and Rick Castle who were arriving to the precinct. Everybody was still calling her Beckett, out of the habit, but Ryan liked calling her and her husband Castles.
"What is going on, Ryan?" Kate asked. She hoped there will be no murder today and she can enjoy a weekend in Hamptons with Castle. She was looking forward to it the whole week.
"Bomb explosion," he answered. Beckett froze. Last time they were investigating bomb explosion she ended standing on one of the bombs. She could still feel that feeling of 10 kilograms of RDX under her feet. But Castle was with her. All the time. He was cheering her up even if he knew it could blow up anytime. He was facing death because he loved her.
"Don´t worry, pyrotechnics checked the crime scene. No bombs there," Ryan assured them.
"Fine. Where is Espo?" Castle asked.
"Already there."
"Let´s go," Beckett ordered and walked into the elevator.

The team entered the crime scene. The impact of the explosion was noticeable. Everything was messed up and covered with cinder. They found Esposito interrogating a witness.
"Hey, Lanie! What´s the cause of death?" Kate asked their medical examiner and her best friend, Dr. Lanie Parish.
"Isn´t it that obvious? They were fried to death," said young guy who was behind Lanie the whole time.
"It is not that obvious. They could be shot and that explosion could be just cleaning up after the killing. You can´t take anything for granted," the medical examiner stated.
"Guys, meet my new student, Collin Adams," Lanie introduced Collin to her co-workers. Kate and Castle shook his hand and Ryan just noded, because he had work to do. His partner finished with interrogation and they needed to get identities of their victims.
"Call me when you will know more, Lanie," Beckett said and was about going to leave, but her friend stopped her. "Don´t run away that fast, young lady. I may have something what can interest you."
"What is that?" Castle and Beckett said at the same time. They smiled.
"It´s so sweet and so creepy seeing you two do that. But anyway, one of our vics, had this in his pocket. CSU recovered it and it is an address in Bronx. You should check it out."
"We will. Thanks Lanie."

"What do you think we will find there?" Castle asked.
"An alien technology stolen from Area 51? Nuclear weapons? Mummy of some Egyptian ruler?" Castle started theorizing. He was a writer, so it was natural to start with crazy theories like that.
"Probably nothing. Why everywhere should be something…" Beckett answered looking for right words. "Amazing?" Castle finished the sentence.
"No. I wanted to say something fictional."
"Come on, Beckett! A guy is brutally murdered in his apartment after he gets an address in Bronx? It is not a coincidence. It were probably CIA agents covering big governmental conspiracy."
"No. But I don´t want to argue with you. Besides, we´ll find out," Beckett said and parked the car in front of large, abandoned factory. They walked in.
"You see? No signs of any CIA…"
"Run! Kate! Run away!" Castle yelled and grabbed his wife´s hand.
"What the hell is…" Kate asked but her words were lost in the sounds of explosion.

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1 castlebeckett castlebeckett | Web | 24. března 2015 v 21:58 | Reagovat

Hmmm, počtu si. Jen, co bude trocha více toho časo. :) Škoda jen, že je to Anglicky. :D Ale nevadí, nějak si to pak přeložím. D

2 daily-fangirl daily-fangirl | Web | 25. března 2015 v 15:52 | Reagovat

[1]: No, ono to povodne bola domaca uloha na anglictinu 😂

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